Tai Le, CEO and Founder of the brand has a story that differentiates himself and the brand apart from others. Growing up he was always fascinated with fashion and wanted to start his own brand, the interest started in middle school during the 7th grade when Diamond Supply Co. was blowing up and all his classmates rocked the apparel. He was heavily into Gaming at the time making montages that he took the self taught Editing and Graphic Designing skills and applied it to creating Concalmalinea later on. In high school, Tai came to a realization during his Sophomore year that school wasn't meant for him but knew what he wanted to pursue after graduating. The brand officially started in 2015, Although Tai had a fascination for fashion growing up it was also his past experiences that lead to the meaning behind the brand. Being Asian he always stood out from the crowd and was discriminated and bullied by the "cool" kids. Often getting into fights just to be left alone and gain respect from everyone around. His vision of the brand is to promote "EQUALITY" no matter what Race you are, Status, Wealth, or Power you may have. We are all humans by the end of the day and we're all equal. He wants you to "WEAR YOUR CROWN" and be the best version of yourself.