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Spring Collection just uploaded at

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Concalma on the cover Indice publication

Matilsha Marxuach Concalma’s founder, tells the story at Ted

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I was very lucky and honored to be invited by Iniciativa Comunitaria proyecto Brega Bien to talk at Ted Youth Santurce, here is the link to the the talk and some candid behind the scenes photos from a unforgettable experience.

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Concalma looks “together in harmony”

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Enjoy your holiday’s where ever you are and thanks for your continuous support.

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About Concalma

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canasta y playa

About Concalma brand:
Concalma brand is characterized not just by its line of fairly-traded, functional, high-quality hand and tote bags, but also by an environmentally responsible philosophy that uses available materials and supports local industry and designers. Translated into english, Concalma means “with ease” because Concalma products serve as tools to facilitate our physical flow from one place to another, treading lightly on our planet.

Handbags have been the main product at Concalma since 2006. The bags are manufactured at Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña which is an industrial sewing factory and women”s Cooperative in the mountainous regions of Utuado, Puerto Rico.
We have sold around 12,000 handbags since 2006.Collections

We manufacture small batches of high-quality products. Our collections consist of around 200 units every two months.
We make bags and products that are demonstrative of the fine line between the industrial and the artisanal.
Other products like bedspreads, curtains, and celebration flags are crafted out of materials that are left over from our handbag production.

Concalma looks “Finding joy in walking”

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Paola – Isabel
Model – Celey

Diario Day tote

foto por Paola Isabel


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